About our Company

GTS has seen many changes in the transportation industry over the years since it started in business and through out those years it has attempted to adjust to the new changes.

When it began its business, the NVOCC industry was in its infancy and was considered to be very "shady". LTL was delivered directly to the Steamship Lines at the waterfront piers, in Brooklyn and Manhattan!

FCL Ocean Container shipments were just beginning. Ten Foot containers were still being used and the Thirty Five foot container was common. "Sealand", "Seatrain" and U S Lines were common names of Steamship lines being used.

Fax machines were a new invention and the brand name was "Quip". They took 3 - 5 minutes to send a page and to receive; you needed to be called first and to place your telephone hand/set into a "cradle". The computer was futuristic, and we all used typewriters and telex machines. There was no such thing as a "cell phone". The messenger services were our live line to the industry!

Throughout those years there remained certain constants, the requirement to provide service at the lowest price possible, to communicate with your customer and to remain in business.

GTS has remained in business. It has even expanded it services to both the New York and Los Angeles area markets and has continued to provide services at fair pricing.

It has changed with the times and has attempted to introduce the technologies needed to provide the services required by its customers. It has added services to its portfolio including:
  • Full Container Cartage
  • LTL trucking for Ocean and Air
  • Nationwide LTL logistical services
  • Export container loading for both general cargo, Autos and Flat-Racks
  • U S Customs Bonded Container Freight Station with a Nation wide IPI Program
  • Transloading
  • Full Storage and Distribution services

  • Let us at GTS provide to you the services you require to maintain and grow your business